London Fashion Week - Ubuntu International Project Showcase

Remembering the blast we had during London Fashion Week 2012 when Frankli Wild participated in the Ubuntu International Project Showcase.


The excitement builds as the invitations go out...



"Kevin Friedman from Frankli Wild™ jewelry depicts a lifelong fascination with the distinctive arts and crafts of South Africa which has proven invaluable as an inspiration for his work. He has also been involved in meaningful community development projects with local crafters.

Recognition of his work followed when his well known Ndebele bead and diamond choker, modelled by Charlize Theron, which garnered Kevin a “De Beers Diamond International Award” in 2000."

The piece from the De Beers Diamond International Awards worn below by the beautiful Charlize Theron.




A big thank you to our friends at Ubuntu International Project!

Ubuntu is a South African ideology focusing on people’s allegiances and relations with each other.

“The reason we have chosen these designers is that they represent the new African signature that is coming through,” says Errol Hendrickse of Ubuntu. “Within their work traditional influences are evident along with a specific heritage aesthetic that translates as a brilliant new fresh aesthetic”.

Ubuntu International Project is an organisation developing, promoting and exporting a new African design led aesthetic that fuses the techniques and traditions of Africa with African contemporary fashion in order to create a unique African high-end Heritage Brand.

Watch this fantastic video compilation they put together!




Some of the fun Frankli Wild pieces in the show..




FAB Blog TV interviewed me after the show and I talk about my designs and the process of repurposing.

Great memories of a wonderful runway show and even!!!